ValveTrain 205

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The ValveTrain 205 is inspired by the 1955 Fender 5F2A Princeton. Big Tone, Tiny Package.  A faithful re-creation with the same Soulful tone that made the 5F2 famous.  Easy to carry, small in size, but sounds HUGE when recorded! The tone is Clean and Crisp if you back off the volume and it simply sings as you open it up… Just a ton of fun in a 17 pound package!

Pat Travers told us that “This is the loudest and ballsiest 5 watt amp I’ve ever played”

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ValveTrain 205 Sound Clips


Chicken Pickin
Bridge Pickup

Volume: 4, Tone: 7
Muscle Shoals
Les Paul
Both Pickups

Volume: 4, Tone: 7
Stevie Thang
Strat with Fralins
Middle Pickup

Volume: 4, Tone: 7
Tribute to Ronnie
Strat with EMG’s
Bridge Pickup
Mid Boost On

Volume: 8, Tone: 5
  • (new artists are coming on board)

Reviews and Quotes

[Rick Gesnner] versions of tweed-era Fender classics (with subtle refinements), along with his Spring Thing reverb unit, have been making waves with players from Pat Travers to Brad Paisley.

The ValveTrain 205 Control Panel

Bedroom Beauty™ Tweed Covered Cabinet standard