ValveTrain Brandywine
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ValveTrain Brandywine - Full Front View

Shown in Standard Black/Tan Tolex and Port Wine Marble Faceplate


American Made 50 Watt – Recording Bass Amplifier

The Brandywine Bass amp marries vintage tone and design with modern features and construction methods.
Inspired by the bass amplifiers of the early 1960’s that set the benchmark for recorded bass tone the Brandywine remains true to it’s roots.

In order to control today’s active basses there is a variable pad that switches from passive to active mode. The variable feature allows today’s bassist to dial in the sweet spot for 9 and 18 volt systems.

The Tone stack in the Brandywine is a Baxandall active stack that has the traditional Bass and Treble controls with the addition of a Middle control. Leaving the Middle control on 1, the tone is reminiscent of the early days of the flip-top amps produced in Linden, NJ.
The Ultra High (Bright) and Ultra Low (Deep) switches allow further control over Brandy’s voice.

The Governor control limits the output volume of the amplifier. When set to 1 there is no volume reduction. As the control is moved towards 10 the output level is reduced. The volume control can be used with the Governor to create preamp overdrive.
The Governor originally appeared on the Sundown Amplifiers by Dennis Kager that were produced in the 1980’s.

The back panel contains a Tuner pass-through jack, preamp output, variable level slave output and selectable speaker jacks,

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These Artists play the Brandywine

  • It just makes you want to play Bass for hours – Mike A.
  • It took about two notes and I knew all at once my search had ended and all those other wonderful modern amps took a back seat. I don’t know how you guys did it but this is was better than even the B-15 re-issue with headroom to spare and none of that early break up and distortion, “unless you want it?” – John A.
  • You’ve hit a home run with this one – Tom F.

Brandywine Control Panel

ValveTrain Brandywine-Front Control Panel

Brandywine Back Panel

ValveTrain Brandywine-Back Panel


The Revolution Series amplifiers continue to prove that high value and affordable hand wired production amplification is still built in America. All of the major components including cabinet, transformers, speakers, board and chassis are proudly made in America. The amp is hand wired at our ValveTrain facility in Altamonte Springs, Florida. There are over 50 American small to medium size businesses in the supply chain behind every one of these amps.