We’re very proud of our components and our suppliers.
We buy and use the best that we can find, so that your amp is the best that we can make it.
All of our sub-assemblies are crafted by small businesses in the U.S.A.
Our products are all hand crafted in our shop located in Altamonte Springs, Florida.
Our Power and Output Transformers are ClassicToneT or custom wound to our exact specifications.
Our speakers are from Eminence or WeberVST
We supply our amps with hand selected premium grade or NOS tubes.
Our chassis and all metal work is custom built for us by SFI Inc. in Orlando, Florida.
Our faceplates are from BNP Lasers.

Our Cabinets are custom built by:

  • SSI Manufacturing
  • Mojo Musical Supply

We use:

  • ClassicTone Transformers
  • 600V Mil Spec UL Listed wire
  • F&T, Illinois Capacitor or Xicon Electrolytic Caps
  • iC, Mallory, Xicon and Silver Mica Tone Caps
  • Carbon Comp, Carbon Film or Metal Oxide Resistors
  • Carling and Mountain Switches
  • Switchcraft or Cliff Jacks
  • Bourns, Alpha or CTS Pots
  • Belton or Ceramic Tube Sockets