Please be sure you understand the information on this page, we do our best, but we’ve got to have a few rules…

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty: We stand behind our products. We warrant our workmanship to the original purchaser for the lifetime of the amp. In order to be covered under this warranty you MUST register the product with proof of purchase within 30 days.

The warranty covers labor for our workmanship to the original purchaser for the life of the amp.
Used amps are not covered.
All components except tubes and speakers are are covered for 90 days.
Tubes and Speakers are covered for 30 days.

Manufacturer warranties may exceed our terms, please contact us for details.

For warranty service, send us the amp and we’ll fix it. You pay for the parts and the shipping costs both ways.

If the amp has been modified, abused or repaired by someone else, the warranty is void and is not eligible for warranty claims.