ValveTrain Ghost 211
Pronounced (Goes to ELEVEN!!)

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Translucent Boost Effect

Now EVERY amp can GO TO ELEVEN!!  Or as Nigel stated…  “If you need that extra push over the cliff put it up to 11…”

The Ghost is a simple 1 knob effect that is used to send the preamp stages of a tube amp into vintage saturation.

Infinitely variable between 10 and 11, the amount of added gain is your choice…

We call it a ‘Translucent” boost because we chose to thicken the tone to create a more pleasing effect.  Similar to the way a thickening agent added to Au Jus becomes Gravy, the Ghost adds a bit gravy to your tone…

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ValveTrain Ghost 211 Videos

ValveTrain Ghost 211 Sound Clips

  • That thing just PUMMELS the front of the amp. – Jared Peterman – Brantley Gilbert Tour.

All ValveTrain products continue to prove that high value and affordable hand wired production amplification is still built in America. All of the major components including cabinet, transformers, speakers, board and chassis are proudly made in America. The amp is hand wired at our ValveTrain facility in Altamonte Springs, Florida. There are over 50 American small to medium size businesses in the supply chain behind every one of these amps.