The ValveTrain 535

The ValveTrain 535 has joined the ranks of our Legacy Amps and is no longer in production.
Please see the 535’s replacement The ValveTrain 635.



The ValveTrain 535 is our take on the mid-power amps from the late 50’s. Powered by a duet of Vintage Style 5881 tubes running in fixed bias, this amp produces a wide spectrum of harmonically rich clean tones that are great for jazz and traditional country. Crank it up for a walk down memory lane to vintage rock & roll.

We have added oversize transformers and own custom selected blend of a 12″ and a 10″ speaker. This all-tube combo amp has hand-wired circuitry, which puts a very strong 35 watts into a specially selected speakers. Power comes from a matched pair of 5881 output tubes and a 5U4 rectifier.

The 535’s preamp contains a 12AY7 and a pair of high-gain 12AX7 tubes to produce an original ‘50s low-gain sound.

Control panel details include normal and bright volumes, four inputs (two normal; two bright), bass, treble and presence controls.

The 535’s solid pine cabinet resonates with a warm, woody tone. The amp is covered in your choice of Tolex or Tweed finishes with matching vintage grille cloth. A heavy duty leather strap handle lets you safely transport the 535.

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ValveTrain 535 Sound Clips


Chicken Pickin
Bridge Pickup

Volume: 4, Tone: 7
Muscle Shoals
Les Paul
Both Pickups

Volume: 4, Tone: 7
Stevie Thang
Strat with Fralins
Middle Pickup

Volume: 4, Tone: 7
Tribute to Ronnie
Strat with EMG’s
Bridge Pickup
Mid Boost On

Volume: 8, Tone: 5
  • (new artists are coming on board)

The ValveTrain 535 Control Panel


Black & Tan Tolex Covered Cabinet standard
Dress it up in a Bedroom Beauty™ or a Tortured Tweed® Cabinet.
Hand Crafted Hardwood Cabinets available on some Models