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Revolution Series Amplifiers

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Introducing the Mark II Series

We’ve been back at the design bench for a while working on new members and upgrades to the Revolution Family of Amps.

New additions are the Saratoga and the Bunker Hill and the Revolution 2×10 Vintage Alnico Extension Cabinet.

  • Sara is a feisty rascal with higher gain and a voice that’s 100% rock.
  • Bunky is inspired by the Britsh Invasion. Bright and Jangly, this amp will take you back to a time of being Eight Miles High, Nehru collars and Tamborines

.The little guys… Connie and Lex got a new look, larger cabs and full size 12″ Speakers.

The rest of the family got new Deeper and Wider Cabs, Tube Rectifers and optional Eminence Red Fang Alnico Magnet Speakers.

Trent got a new preamp design that make him a little rounder and larger than he already was.

Benny added a full length 6 spring tank to his reverb circuit.

Sav got a pair of custom Weber Alnico 10’s in really cool RED Baskets for really vintage (late 50’s) tone.